Thanks Paul

Paul Ryan is retiring from the House.  He has made a big difference.  He has succeeded in reforming taxes.  He was unable to reform entitlements but surely he has influenced that debate and we will be thankful for him later.  Our fondest wish is unfulfilled: We wish he was in his second term as Vice-President.  We wonder if their will be a Churchillian second act for him as entitlements fester.

Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation gives us reason to be humble and proud.  We Paul in the House and Ron in the Senate we might have the best pair of any state.  Paul is leaving shortly and Ron not long after that.  We wish everyone would follow their lead by coming in and trying to make a difference, behaving well, and then moving on.  Paul and Ron have made a difference and been a credit to our state and the nation.  Thanks to both of them.


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