Panda Pitches

Pablo (Panda) Sandoval pitched an inning for the Giants against the Dodgers.  He retired all three batters he faced and he was the only pitcher for the Giants to have such an inning.  Much has been made of this.  We would like to discuss if and why it was necessary.

We don’t want to make too much of this but the Giants, like many teams, have 12 pitchers on their roster.  The Panda was the fifth of five Giant pitchers in the game.  The Dodgers used six.  Yes, most of the Giant pitchers were pummeled but they didn’t pitch that much.  It was the second game of the day because of a make-up and the Giants used four pitchers in the first game.  The starter went six and none of the relievers pitched more than four outs.  To summarize, the Giants had a day off on the 26th, one game on the 27th, two games on the 28th and one on the 29th.  They played four games in four days.  With 12 pitchers they couldn’t do that without The Panda pitching?  Still, well done Panda.


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