Good News

Jim Geraghty has good news for the GOP and particularly Wisconsin when he reports a poll that shows Tammy Baldwin 14 points underwater a question of deserves reelection versus time for a new person.  Perhaps it is her offensive ads suggesting that she can stop Wisconsin companies being acquired by companies in other states.  Perhaps she wants to stop leveraged buyouts (LBO).  Any honest reporting of LBOs will create a list of hits and misses (just in Wisconsin) and that most of the misses would have gone bankrupt in any case.  Heileman might be an exception.  Harley Davidson would be a positive example.

Sidebar: Stop laughing.  We know that there won’t be honest reporting on any economic issues.  We wish the right and the GOP would go honest but they are afraid to do that.  End Sidebar.

Of course, the WI GOP will need to find a fair impression of Ron Johnson to win.  We hope they can.



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