Democrat Strategy For 2018

We don’t follow the Democrats much because they rarely have much to offer us.  Lily Geismer and Matthew D. Lassiter, two history professors, are in the NYT suggesting that they are going too far to the center.  Really.  We are not making this up.  You should really read the whole thing before you vote.  Clearly, Lily and Matt are not speaking for their party but they are speaking for their block in the NYT.

We think the most interesting part of Lily and Matt’s article is what they want and don’t want for Democrat priorities.  This seems to be their list and rationale:

Democrats cannot cater to white swing voters in affluent suburbs and also promote policies that fundamentally challenge income inequality, exclusionary zoning, housing segregation, school inequality, police brutality and mass incarceration.

The political culture of upscale suburbs revolves around resource hoarding of children’s educational advantages, pervasive opposition to economic integration and affordable housing, and the consistent defense of homeowner privileges and taxpayer rights.

In their first paragraph they identify what they want to challenge.  We are not sure what kind of policies would provide the challenge and we don’t know why they would appeal to racial groups and folks without a college education that they want to attract.  Their opposition to “homeowner privilege” and “taxpayer rights” seems like a loser when two-thirds of Americans own their own home and, if we include FICA (payroll taxes), we have another substantial majority.  Here is evidence that paying federal income taxes is still a majority.

We would love to see the Democrat Party come back to the center.  Lily and Matt are telling us that it is unlikely to happen even if they happen to nominate some less extreme folks for a few Congressional seats.  It is a scary thing because eventually they are going to win.


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