Zhangjiajie Can Wait

We will get to Zhangjiajie shortly.  We got a like from Caitlin Jean Russell and we went to check out her blog as we always do when we get a like or a follower.  Her thoughtful  blog made us think about why we blog, where we travel, and how we travel.

Caitlin is interested in increasing the traffic on her blog and celebrates it and gives suggestions.  We get great joy from folks that follow us and like us but our primary reason for blogging is that we like to write.  A secondary reason is that we don’t want to be like the many folks that clog up our Facebook feed with political stuff and dozens of pictures.  We already know if you do or don’t like The Donald.  If you have over four pictures we are not looking at them.  Our Facebook feed has the China trip with three or four pictures at a time.  And we tell you what they are.

Caitlin travels lots of places but the tropics figure heavily in her plans: Thailand, Myanmar, and Bali.  The tropics don’t figure in our plans.  Dali, China in December is our perfect approach to the equator.  It is south of Miami but in December it is cool at 6500 feet and you can see the snow on the mountains.  We have only been closer to the equator than Dali twice: the Florida Keys and Hawaii.  We understand that most folks don’t share our climate preferences.  Many of our students wanted to move south to escape Wisconsin winters.  We think, not very seriously, about moving north to escape Wisconsin summers.  We envy Caitlin spending the summers in Scotland.

Caitlin refers to backpacking and luxury travel on her blog.  She seems to be more of a backpacker while we are closer to a luxury traveller but our Venn diagrams overlap significantly.  We found round-trip plane tickets from Chicago to Beijing to Changsha for less than $550.  Kayak and Hainan Airlines are two good sources.  We only brought a backpack to China because all of our Chinese flights, train trips, and hotel changes made more luggage difficult.  Our packing varies depending upon our plans.  For example, we fill the vehicle on road trips.  Still, we see why somebody might not engage a guide to see Zhangjiajie.  If you have the time you can save some money but for most of us a guide is a good idea.

We enjoy Caitlin’s blog.  It helps us thing about how and where we travel.  We recommend her blog and your thinking.  Few of us can go everywhere and few of us can ignore prices.  Economics and travel are two topics that are dear to us.


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