About me

I’m a conservative.  Unlike others I always have been although I did concern myself with categories until later.  Rod Dreher coined the term “crunchy conservative.”  I am the anthesis of that.  Markets are of critical importance to me.  I view items listed as “organic” as a way to separate me from my change and sometimes folding money.  Other than their screw the shareholder (citizen) view on borders, I’m often in agreement with the WSJ editorial page.  I see the US as force for good in fairly evil world.  I’m not quite Weekly Standard but I’m for a robust US foreign policy.  I know the argument that social issues tie conservatism together but even if the argument convinced me they are not a primary interest or skill set of mine.

I’m a full professor at a business school.  As most everyone knows the humanities are left and way left.  The sciences tend to be left but not as far left.  The business school is still substantially left of center but conservatives are generally tolerated there.  My main research interest is sports economics and that may show up on the blog from time to time.

I’m a sports fan and sport player.  Most of my activity time involves handball or to be precise, four-wall handball.  Four-wall handball is the kind played indoors.  One-wall and three-wall are played outside.  You may have noticed the “most interesting man in the world” playing a little one-wall.  If not, do a search and you can find lots of video.

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