Trump And Russia

Kevin Williamson at NRO has an alternative for Putin that is closer to  but not exactly what we think:

Some Russia-watchers believe that the goal of the 2016 Russian campaign shenanigans was not to elect Trump but to damage Clinton before her election. That would make a certain kind of sense: Putin does not want a President Trump or a President Clinton — he wants an American president so hamstrung by political rancor, personal weakness, and petty venality that American leadership around the world is compromised.

We think it is more simple than what Kevin reports.  Putin, like most everyone, thought Herself would win and he was laying down a marker to keep Herself off his case.  He had the goods on her and so she better behave.  It just happened that Putin was wrong, like almost everybody else, about who would win.


It Still Was A Binary Choice

Well, we are not sure if that is correct grammar but it makes our point.  Jonah Goldberg is still conflating the hard core supporters of The Donald with the large number of us that made the binary choice.  Jonah says in his newsletter:

The best example of this is how I hear everyday that whatever Trump may be doing wrong, it’s still “better than Hillary.” Of course, that’s got a lot of truth to it when it comes to things such as judicial appointments and the fact that we don’t have to put up with the Clintons’ “there’s no eating in the library” officiousness. But now that Trump is president, it’s utterly irrelevant, save to those who need to reassure themselves daily.  [Emphasis added]

For those of us who chose The Donald because he is not Herself it is completely relevant.  We get real judges.  We get presidential actions that sometimes improve the economy or the country.  We get a reduction in illegal immigration.  We get terrible ideas on trade.  The Donald is far from perfect but he is better than the alternative.  The Donald shares much with the immediate past president (IPP) including incompetence in office.  He is, however, an upgrade on the IPP.  We are with Jonah on the basic point that The Donald, like the IPP, is a better campaigner than president.  It is not surprising that they both fall back on those skills.  What Jonah needs to accept (and move on) is that many/most of us recognized it when we voted for him.  We need to make The Donald the best president he can be.  We support him when appropriate and take him to task often.  We recognize that he is not going to be great but we expect him to continue to be an upgrade on both Herself and the IPP.  The was the choice we foresaw for November and it is why we chose The Donald in the general.

How It Is Going To Be

The Donald is the pragmatist that Obama alleged himself to be.  It means that yesterday he made Bernie happy by killing TPP and today he makes conservatives happy by bringing two pipelines back to life.  CNN reports that he has signed executive orders to undo President Obama’s mischief in regards to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines.

Sidebar: TPP isn’t a robust free trade agreement.  Free traders are lukewarm in their support of the agreement.  It seems unlikely, however, that The Donald is going to make us happy by creating a more robust free trade agreement.  End Sidebar.

This is how it will be for the next four and perhaps eight years.  Conservatives will get some nice wins like the pipelines and suffer some losses at the hands of The Donald.  We expect several to be more grievous than TPP.  It is not resolved after one week but if you are a conservative and you failed to support The Donald then you should be having second thoughts about your actions.  He looks to be a big improvement on Herself.



Profiles In Courage

The Electoral College vote is in:

After numerous challenges sprang up in his path, including a bitterly divisive election and attempts at recounts in three battleground states, President-elect Donald Trump finally cleared his last hurdle to the White House Monday.

The U.S. Electoral College officially punched his ticket on Monday, submitting and certifying the 270 votes needed to hand him the presidency.

It turns out there were six faithless electors.  Four were Democrats and two were Republicans.  Under threats and harassment, 532 of 538 of our fellow citizens performed their duty.  We thank all of them for their service but especially the Republicans who were subject to the vast majority of the negative behavior.  Unlike our military personnel, they had no reason to expect they would be subject to such behavior.  Well done citizens.


Democrats v. GOP

Henry Payne is on NRO discussing Michigan when he notes that Trump turned off many prominent state GOP leaders but:

In Democratic circles, however, there was no shame. Not a single prominent state Democrat abandoned Hillary Clinton despite a litany of scandals including the Clinton Foundation’s seamy pay-for-play revelations.

We are well aware of press bias but this scenario is essentially nation-wide.  The GOP acts in a manner that might be described as responsible and the Democrats are only concerned with power and yet who has a bad reputation?  Perhaps the Democrat message is that we will cheat for you too?


Thanks One Percent

PhD Comics makes us feel good about the One Percent.  The numbers show that Obama got the turnout that Herself was unable to muster.  Now it might be that Obama policies have something to do with the depressed turnout.

Will we decide to come up with policies that help the young and the poor or will folks spend their time trying to get them to show up.  We would suggest the former but Washington state increased its minimum wage to $13.50.  Arizona, Colorado, and Maine also voted to raise their minimum wage and some included mandatory provision of sick days.  So it seems like the latter.

Hello From Flyover Country

Today Henry Olsen has his election predictions in NRO.  Part or it is this:

Donald Trump has spent the last month crisscrossing America and stopping at places that normally never see presidential candidates, like Eau Claire, Wis. All the off-the-beaten-track places where he’s campaigning are bastions of whites without a college degree

One out of three is good for a hitter but not very good for reporting.  Yes, here on the west coast of Wisconsin we are a bastion of whiteness.

Sidebar One: The east coast of Wisconsin is Lake Michigan.  The west coast is the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers.  End Sidebar One.

La Crosse and Eau Claire share much more in common besides their two word French names, TV stations, and being river cities in western Wisconsin.  According to Wikipedia, La Crosse is 90% white and Eau Claire is 91% white.  Eau Claire is a slightly bigger city but La Crosse is a bigger metro population.  Henry is right we are a bastion of whiteness out here.  But he is wrong about college education and seeing presidential candidates.  We see lots of presidential candidates in this neck of the woods.  Tim Kaine was in La Crosse yesterday.  Trump was in La Crosse for the Wisconsin Primary.  The Lady de Gloves saw Obama here.  The candidates get exposure to three contested states by visiting this part of the world.

Sidebar Two: Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota all receive news from Western Wisconsin.  Both sides visited or planned to visit them (Tim Kaine cancelled Iowa after the police shooting) in the closing days so the candidates see uncertainty there.  End Sidebar Two.

According to the US Department of Education, Wisconsin is above average in the percentage of college graduates. Both Eau Claire and La Crosse are university towns.  The University of Wisconsin branches there are large (15-20%) compared to the population of the towns.  Neither one is the place you would pick to meet folks with a college education.

Henry is right that Trump will win the white vote and especially the white vote without college education.  Eau Claire is not a particularly good example of the latter.  Candidates seem to have a predilection for cities like Eau Claire.  We hope he is equally wrong about his Senate predictions.  Vote Ron.