So Sensible It Is Likely To Be Unpopular

We see from the WSJ that the Democrats and The Donald are conspiring to spend lots of money, two trillion, on infrastructure.  The WSJ says:

Democrats disagree internally on how to generate revenue for an infrastructure plan. Mr. Schumer won’t consider a proposal to raise the gas tax, unless Mr. Trump agrees to undo some of the 2017 tax cuts, a person close to the minority leader said. Mr. Schumer, along with several other Democrats, say a gas tax disproportionately hurts poor and working-class people.

We are not necessarily opposed to infrastructure spending.  It depends upon what it is spent for, how it is financed, and what the deal is.  We have advice for The Donald, Chuck, and Nancy.  Unfortunately, it makes so much sense that it will be unpopular.

Here is our proposal. You can guess the financing part: Eliminate the gas tax and implement a carbon tax that keeps the price of gas constant.  Spend the surplus.  Permanently eliminate the Jones Act and all other restrictions (like requiring union workers or American made stuff) that increase the cost of infrastructure to taxpayers.  There are lots of other details like how to allocate the spending among states and types of projects.  Those need to be attended to as well.  The deal should be almost entirely about auto/truck travel.