Norwegian Wood

Earlier this week we were traveling with the Lady de Gloves and we heard Norwegian Wood by the Beatles.  It ends:

And when I awoke I was alone
This bird had flown
So I lit a fire
Isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

We have been listening to the Beatles station on Sirius XM and we concluded that John has an issue with women.

Sidebar: Yes we know it is the anniversary of John’s death. He and the Beatles are great despite this.  His relationship with women struck a cord with folks but it was a little weird.  Folks are at least a little weird.  End Sidebar.

We concluded that the fire burnt the house down as an act of revenge.  The Lady disagreed.  Today on Sirius Chis Carter said it was about burning the house but we didn’t catch the cite.  Fortunately, Al Gore’s invention brought us this:

The meaning of this song is explained. It is credited to Lennon/McCartney although it seems Lennon wrote most lyrics.

“I came in and he had this first stanza, which was brilliant: ‘I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.’ That was all he had, no title, no nothing. I said, ‘Oh yes, well, ha, we’re there.’ And it wrote itself. Once you’ve got the great idea, they do tend to write themselves, providing you know how to write songs. So I picked it up at the second verse, it’s a story. It’s him trying to pull a bird, it was about an affair. John told Playboy that he hadn’t the faintest idea where the title came from but I do. Peter Asher had his room done out in wood, a lot of people were decorating their places in wood. Norwegian wood. It was pine really, cheap pine. But it’s not as good a title, Cheap Pine, baby…
So she makes him sleep in the bath and then finally in the last verse I had this idea to set the Norwegian wood on fire as revenge, so we did it very tongue in cheek. She led him on, then said, ‘You’d better sleep in the bath’. In our world the guy had to have some sort of revenge. It could have meant I lit a fire to keep myself warm, and wasn’t the decor of her house wonderful? But it didn’t, it meant I burned the fucking place down as an act of revenge, and then we left it there and went into the instrumental.”
Paul McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles [Emphasis added]

Yup, John and the Beatles had an interesting relationship with women.  And we got both the lyrics and their meaning right for once.  It is time for a happy dance!

Three Small Things

When we were department chair that was a faculty member that liked to come to visit but somebody had told him, perhaps the previous chair, that if it was not time sensitive than three little things were needed for such a meeting.  It was fun to watch the struggle to come up with the third.  We have three little things today.

First, we heard Paul McCartney cover the Beatles tune, The Things We Said Today.  It was really strange to hear one of the same voices singing the song but without The Beatles harmony.

Second, we are finishing the collection of Victor Davis Hanson 2016 NRO columns: From One Revolution To The Next.  We envy his writing skills.  It is a great read and an excellent way to revisit the the tumultuous year of 2016.  His consistent insights on The Donald are impressive.  We’re not sure how you can buy it as it is not listed at the NRO store and it is a National Review Book.

Third, there was a follow up in Ask Amy about a contractor with a Trump bumper sticker.  A reader wrote in and said polled friends and all of them said, “Chase him off the property.”  Amy said it was nothing to be proud of.  We were impressed that she published the response and that she took her reader to task.  If only the university administrators had courage like that.


Boston Rocks

Boston is back on tour and we accompanied the Lady and our sister to see them in Topeka, KS.  In fact, the Topeka crowd picture is on their Facebook page.  It was worth the trip.  The band was razor sharp, the vocals with the new lead singer (Tommy DeCarlo) were excellent, and the video and lights were way beyond expectations for medium size (c. 5,000) venue.  We are big fans of these midsize venues.  You can see, hear, and feel the band from every seat.

They have gotten away from the Corporate America disaster and have gone back to their classic stuff and added in a cover or two as well as a couple of new songs including a lead vocal for their female band member Beth Cohen.  She gives them a lot of flexibility.  If you agree that there can never be too many guitar solos and like the classic Boston stuff then you ought to see the new tour.

Steely Dan Concert

We took Lady de Gloves to the Steely Dan concert in Madison.  The Overture Center is a great place to watch a concert and Steely Dan was excellent.  It was all about the music.  If you wanted to listen to it, dance to it, or just be the music then you were in luck.  If you wanted Springsteen or Rod Stewart antics then you were out of luck.  They came to play the music.  They out Claptoned Clapton.  About the only thing that was said beyond thank you was, “If you are of a certain age you may have heard this.”  There were no dancing guitar players, no whirling sax players, no dueling instruments, and definitely no costumes.  They played the Steely Dan hits as well as they could and that was very well.  With four pieces of brass, three guitars, two keyboards and three singers backing up [seems to weak a phrase here] Donald Fagen they were in full voice on every song.

You know what you are getting.  Enjoy it