Auditing Opportunity

Kevin Williamson shows that not every forensic scientist is Abby Scuito.  His article provides a great opportunity for audit firms.  Folks often think that auditing only applies to financial records but as recognizes, financial records are just the most common example:

an official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts.

Comparing compliance with expected standards and giving an opinion is what auditing firms do.  They commonly do it for financial statements and internal control.  Compliance with standards of criminal investigation would only be a small step for them.  It makes sense that if we need external audits of financial statements then external audits of matters of life and death are a reasonable step.  The audit firms understand risk assessment, e.g., let’s audit all the murder cases and fewer less serious charges, internal control, and sampling that would lead to an effective audit of criminal investigation processes.

Audited financial statements provide reliable information for investors.  Audited criminal investigation processes would provide reliable information for jurors and help ferret out the problems that Kevin reports quickly.  There are details to be worked out on the extent of the engagement but experience will provide the solutions.  Why not try it now?