Travel Questions

We just got back from a long weekend trip.  When you are retired long weekends can show up whenever you feel like it.  Here are four observations from the trip.

  1. We forget the bar’s name on US 75, but it has a tag line of, “We only look expensive.”  We wish we had time to stop because the drinks might have been free to have the tag line balance out.
  2. We recently left Topeka.  We are trying to decide if Brown v. The Board of Education is a great decision or the start of wandering away from the Constitution.  It is not our area so you can discuss it among yourselves.
  3. In one day we crossed the following rivers: Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, and Missouri.  A nice day’s drive.
  4. Here are a few scenes from a mid-continent crossroad lunch.  One pair, MWG and the Lady deGloves, had new Boston tour shirts (review in the next post).  Another pair had new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shirts.  A third group was talking about playing Carnoustie and the challenges of driving and talking on the cell when knees don’t reach the steering wheel.  Fortunately, they are driving in opposite direction from us.

Road trips are a great opportunity to observe and take joy in the world.



The Greatest Room

Jay Nordlinger got a couple of columns out out The Greatest Room In The World.  Here is part two.  We were surprised that he only reported a couple of sports items.  We would have expected Fenway and Wrigley to be nominated but we are shocked to find out that the Plaque Gallery at the National Baseball Hall of Fame was not the most popular choice.  In fact, it wasn’t mentioned.

Another place we would nominate would be the Up-The-Hill Theatre at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin.   Here is a picture:

Ngs Marquee

It is hard to get better than Shakespeare under the stars.  They are rebuilding it so that it will be even better.

Squirrel Behavior

The Lady deGloves and your humble scribe spend much of the weekend starting a project in the yard.  We came to believe that squirrel behavior was much more pervasive than we thought.  We have seen squirrels carrying rocks from those we use for landscaping.  We have even found rocks when cleaning out the rain gutters but we did not know the extent of this behavior.

This weekend we were removing sod, lots of sod, for a combined garden and grandchildren play area.  Removing the sod revealed how many rocks the squirrels buried in 800 square feet.  We are in a part of the Midwest were rocks are not a natural occurrence.  We did not count them but there must have been at least one thousand rock buried there.  We did find one nut.  So if somebody compares your behavior to a squirrel you have every right to feel insulted.



Fame come in many ways.  We have seen it twice in two days.  Yesterday, my nephew notes on Facebook that we were one of the sad sacks in Albany International Airport that did not get out of town.  Today, in Impromptus, Jay Nordlinger says:

I think I have a favorite Web address — it’s for the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse: Isn’t that kind of cool? Although I also think of the airport in Los Angeles, known as LAX.

We are gobsmacked!  Our old school is Jay’s favorite address.  We think of the airport in California as the pretender.


We Are With Ann

Here is Ann Althouse on W:

He seems so gentle and modest. If he has any actual opinions on these subjects, he’s completely hiding them. And yet I’m sure many people think what he’s saying accords with what they think. He’s speaking the language of traditional American politics — the language Trump eschews. Me, I’m a proponent of clear speech. But Bush is being civil and diplomatic and continuing to follow his policy of not trying to cling to presidential power.

What a nice man. And yet they called him Bushitler.

He is a nice man.  He was a good president and an even better ex-president.  Like Truman and Ike he was able to walk away.   His sucessor should take notice.  So should the press.


Being Humbled

We spent an hour at the Orthopaedic Center waiting for the Lady deGloves.  She is recovering from hand surgery.  Compared to many of the folks in the waiting room both of us should feel good about our health.

Sidebar: That is the way they spelled.  We are not sure but don’t think there is any significant distinction between orthopaedic and orthopedic.  End Sidebar.

Watching the folks come into orthopaedics is a humbling experience.  There are all ages and all degree of problems.  There was a 23 year old with a broken ankle that was charming all the workers while storming around on crutches but there were young and old with more serious problems.  One middle age person was limping and had an arm caste.  Many of them had chronic problems and often seemed interested in audible discussions.  We sure it is not the only waiting room in the clinic that would be humbling but however you spell it, orthopaedics is one of them.



Good Sporting Fortune

When you have been involved in sports as a player and fan as long as us you know about random shocks to the system.  Today Arsenal overcame a red card to Granit Xhaka in the 65th minute.

Sidebar: A red card means you play a player short for the rest of the match.  In this case Arsenal was a player sort for over 25 minutes.  End Sidebar.

Arsenal scored on a 98th minute penalty to escape Burnley at home 2-1.  An expected win became a miracle escape.  They now sit second in the table.

On this side of the pond, the Patriots benefitted from an injury to Le’Veon Bell and defeated the Steelers convincingly, 36-17.  As sports fans, we know that there is both skill and randomness involved in these outcomes.  It brings you joy when the outcomes favor your teams.  Now we try to catch Chelsea and beat the Falcons.  Neither is assured but the latter is more likely but we know from experience that anything can happen.